Bobbin3 One of the features of ZBLAN fluoride fibers is the highly efficient light emission exhibited when the rare earth elements like Tm, Pr, and Er are doped. For this unique property, the RE-doped fibers are used in optical amplifiers, ASE light sources, and fiber lasers as a gain medium.

What is fluoride fiber ?



■ Parameters for Custom Rare Earth doped SMFF
*All fibers are custom products. Select the parameters in the table below.
*The dope concentration is different depending on the elements.

RE doped Single Mode Fiber
 Fiber type
Step index type single mode fiber
Pr, Nd, Ho, Er,Dy, Tm, Yb, others
 Dopant concentration (ppm mol)
500 ~ 50000
 Numerical aparture
0.16, 0.21, 0.26
 Cut-off wavelength(µm)
 Core diameter(µm)
2 ~ 12
 Cladding diameter(µm)
 Coating diameter(µm)
 Core/Cladding glass
ZBLAN fluoride glass
 Coating material
UV curable acrylate
 Proof test
1.25cm radius
$10,000 ~ $20,000/lot

■ Background Loss & Emission Wavelength
■ ZBLAN Fibers in Stock